Vigilance still needed as restrictions lift to avoid COVID-19 resurgence

Hunter New England Health warns that the community shouldn’t become complacent about COVID-19, despite the flattening of the curve.

While numbers are down and restrictions are easing across the country, Dr David Durrheim, Public Health Controller says we’re not out of the woods just yet.

“We’ve made some really positive progress towards getting COVID-19 under control but we need to be careful not to become complacent.

“We’re all keen to return to our normal lives, but even as restrictions ease vigilance is still needed to ensure we don’t get a resurgence of the virus, which is a possibility.

“What we’re really looking at is a new type of normal until an effective vaccine is broadly available,” he said.

With some visiting restrictions lifted this weekend Dr Durrheim stresses that social distancing and good hygiene should still be front of mind.

“We will need to continue to test widely, and monitor cases closely as restrictions ease. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring we keep good control of COVID-19,” he said.

“Regular hand hygiene, meticulous cough and sneeze etiquette, and continuing to stand back are our new normal. Let’s all make sure that we are not giving the virus another chance.”

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