A Centenary for Cessnock Hospital

​This year Cessnock Hospital has reached a significant milestone, 100 years of operation.

Cessnock Health Committee Chairman Mr Fred Krausert is inviting all members of the community including past and present staff to attend a celebration on Saturday 23 August.

"The Cessnock District Hospital Centenary Committee is hosting the event at East Cessnock Bowling Club," said Mr Krausert.

"The Hospital has been around for a long time, and almost all of the community have been involved with it at some point in time whether that be as a staff member, volunteer or visitor," said Mr Krausert.

"We're hoping that many of these people who have played a role in creating the Hospital that we have today are available to attend the celebration."

A lot has changed at Cessnock Hospital over its almost 100 years of operation.

"According to the History of Cessnock Hospital, the Hospital, or the Cottage Hospital as it was then known was officially opened on 14 June 1914 and received its first patients on 2 July," said Mr Krausert.

"In the hospital's first six months of operation one hundred and twenty-nine patients received treatment and sixty-five operations were performed in a facility that would have been vastly different to what we see today.

"Over the early years a number of additions and enhancements were made to the hospital including extra equipment and buildings but nothing like the new Emergency Department that was opened a few weeks ago."

Tickets for the dinner are available from the Bowling Club and are $75 each.

Cessnock Hospital is planning to host an open afternoon later in the year for members of the community.

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