Breast Cancer support group's generous donation to Inverell Hospital

The medical ward of the Inverell Hospital is the proud owner of two new Niki T34 continuous Infusion pumps thanks to the kind donation by the Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group.

The Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group is a great supporter of the Inverell Hospital and has already previously donated Niki T34 pumps to the medical ward as well as other additions within the palliative care room.

“The Niki T34 syringe pumps provide an effective method of continuous medication delivery to patients in order to control persistent pain illnesses and for use in palliative care,” Acting Medical Ward Nursing Unit Manager Katherine Randall said.

“We are grateful for the donation by the Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group,” Katherine said.

“There were three Niki T34 pumps in the medical ward at Inverell Hospital and the addition of two more will greatly assist our delivery of care to palliative care patients at the hospital.

“The Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group does a great job and works hard to raise the awareness of breast cancer.

“A total of more than $4000 was raised by the Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group to purchase these pumps and it is a wonderful addition to the equipment we already have within the medical ward at Inverell Hospital.

“It will make such a difference for both the patients and the staff members as the management of pain in palliative care is often very complex and difficult to maintain. These pumps will greatly assist staff with achieving this and in doing so, benefit the patients greatly,” Katherine said.

President of the Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group Jan O'Neil was excited and proud to be able to make the donation and congratulated everyone involved with the Breast Cancer Support Group on the tremendous result.

“We enjoy supporting Inverell Hospital and get great satisfaction from the knowledge that the equipment and support we are providing will touch the lives of many people and their families within our local community,” Jan said.

“We are looking forward to working with the Inverell Hospital in the future on more projects aimed at women experiencing any form of cancer, as well as all palliative care patients.”

If you would like to support the Inverell Breast Cancer Support Group, please contact Trish Keightley on 0411 968 113, Jan O’Neill on 6721 2007 or Marie Tanner on 6721 3753 for further details.

Contact Name:  Strategic Relations and Communication
Contact Phone:  4985 5522