Call for volunteers at Armidale Hospital Kiosk

​Since its inception on 1965, the United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW - Armidale Branch has raised more than $1 million for the Armidale Hospital and its patients through the Armidale Hospital Kiosk.

With the retirement of many of the Hospital Auxiliary volunteers this year, a call is going out for additional volunteers to continue to provide a caring service to the patients, family and visitors at Armidale Hospital Kiosk.

There are more than 1000 generous volunteers across the Hunter New England Health District who give their time to ensure patients and their families can enjoy some extra comforts while in our care.

Armidale Hospital Manager Dona Withnell said volunteers provide an invaluable service.

"Volunteers at the Armidale Hospital Kiosk provide a much needed service for the patients, staff and community by providing a variety of food, creating a positive atmosphere and much-appreciated support for patients, visitors and staff," Ms Withnell said.

"The work of the volunteers at the kiosk goes a long way in making the hospital environment more welcoming for family and visitors, as well as our patients' stay in hospital more enjoyable.

"Armidale Hospital Kiosk volunteers are also the driving force behind much needed fundraising. The kiosk volunteers have raised funds through proceeds and donations which allow us to purchase patient comforts and improved equipment, including beds, wheelchairs and ventilator machines."

Volunteers donate many of thousands of hours to ensuring patients and their families are well cared for across the district.

"I would like to invite members of the Armidale community to support the rewarding work of Hospital Auxiliary by volunteering their time to the Armidale Hospital Kiosk," Ms Withnell said.

"The Armidale Hospital Auxiliary really is a remarkable group who willingly give up their time and their efforts are greatly appreciated by our staff, patients and visitors at Armidale Hospital."

Members of the Armidale Community can contact the President of the Armidale Hospital Auxiliary on (02) 6771 1237 for more information on volunteering at the Armidale Hospital Kiosk.

Contact Name:  Strategic Relations and Communication
Contact Phone:  4985 5522