​Be a Community Voice

At John Hunter Hospital, our community is at the heart of our service. We are continually working to improve the quality and safety of services provided at our hospital for all patients, visitors and carers.

With this in mind, we feel it is important to seek feedback and suggestions for improvement from our local community. John Hunter Hospital, in collaboration with Greater Newcastle Sector Community and Aged Care Services, holds a bi-monthly meeting called the Newcastle Local Health Committee, where we engage and involve the community in key projects and initiatives.

What is a Local Health Committee?

The role of a Local Health Committee is to provide leadership for and on behalf of the local community, to ensure our health services meet local health needs, and ensure the promotion and enhancement of health in the community.

Our Newcastle Local Health Committee

Newcastle Local Health Committee 2017.jpg

The Newcastle Local Health Committee works in partnership with senior management of John Hunter Hospital and Community and Aged Care Services to:

  • ​​Provide advice and direction for development of strategic and operational plans
  • Support the planning and implementation of quality improvement activities
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on key initiatives and projects across our hospital.

The committee held its inaugural meeting on Wednesday 21 September 2016 and continues to meet on a bi-monthly basis.

Our committee boasts a wealth of knowledge with members inclusive of:

  • Senior John Hunter Hospital and Community & Aged Care Executives
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Ex-Pharmaceutical Industry employees
  • Volunteers from community health services
  • Board members of international health fundraising organisations
  • Residential Community Management.

​How can I get involved?

If you would like to support our hospital by becoming a Consumer Representative, please register your interest by calling (02) 4921 4487.​