Preparing for your Surgery

Before admission

You have been booked in for surgery at John Hunter Hospital. Below is an outline of what you can expect in the lead up to your admission to hospital:

  • You will receive a Request For Admission (RFA) form. Please complete this form and return to the Admissions Department as soon as possible. You will be placed on the waiting list from the date your form is submitted.
  • Once you have been placed on the waiting list, both you and your doctor will receive a letter of confirmation.
  • The Admissions Department will advise you of a date for your procedure. The date will be determined by the urgency as determined by your doctor. This will normally be within 30 days, 90 days or 12 months.
  • The Admissions Department will phone you and send you a letter to confirm the date of your admission. The letter will contain instructions with a telephone number to call and confirm your ability and for any other queries that you may have. The letter will also give you instructions regarding the location of your procedure.
  • You may be required to attend the Pre-Admission Clinic for some tests and an anaesthetic review to ensure you are fit for your operation. Our Admissions staff will notify you if this is required.
  • The day prior to you procedure the hospital will contact you to confirm your admission. Please note, when we call you, the number might be shown as “External Number”, “No Caller ID” or “Caller ID Blocked”. Please help us by answering private numbers in the lead up to your surgery.

What to bring

The following checklist outlines items to bring with you to ensure a comfortable stay at our hospital:​

  • ​Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, deodorant etc).
  • Nightwear and comfortable clothing.
  • Comfortable footwear such as non-slip slippers or trainers.
  • All medications currently being taken in their original packaging.
  • X-rays or scans related to your surgery or procedure.
  • Medicare card and, if applicable, your health benefit card, pensioner health card, or health fund membership card.
  • A small amount of cash ($20 or less) to buy newspapers, snacks and other day-to-day items you may want.
  • Glasses and any other personal aids such as hearing aids, walking aids and dentures.​

What not to bring

Please note that all personal items are your responsibility; only bring items that you will need during your stay. John Hunter Hospital is not able to take responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items. To ensure safety of your personal belongings, please avoid bringing valuable items such as jewellery or large amounts of cash to the hospital.

On admission

Admission to the hospital begins via the Admissions Office located near the main entrance on level 2. To assist in the admissions process, we will need complete and accurate details of:

  • ​Your medical history
  • Your current address and phone number
  • Details of next of kin including telephone numbers
  • Details of your general practitioner or other treating health professionals
  • Your Medicare number, pension, health care or DVA cards
  • Details of your private health cover or any other cover that might fund your hospital stay
  • Any current Advance Health Directive or enduring Power of Attorney (person able to make decisions about your health care, personal or financial matters), and copies of these documents
  • Your need for an interpreter or cultural support worker.

Admission on the day of your procedure

If your procedure requires you to stay in hospital overnight, you will normally be admitted via the Same Day / Day of Surgery Unit on Level 3 on the morning of your surgery.

Admission the day before your procedure

If you are required to be admitted to hospital the day before your procedure, you will receive a phone call advising you of the time to come to the hospital. Please present to the Admissions Office on level 2 of the hospital and you will be admitted to the ward.

Before your operation

You will be informed of what would normally happy to you before and after your operation. Medical and nursing staff will ask you again what type of surgery you are consenting to and ask you to check your consent form. They may also mark your operation site.

You will be asked about any allergies and asked to verify your identity numerous times throughout your stay to ensure your safety.

Before presenting to the Hospital for your surgery, please remove make-up and nail polish and make arrangements for transport to and from the with relatives or friends.