During Your Stay

Care boards

Near each bed you will notice a Patient Care Board. We use these boards in all ward areas across the hospital to communicate the daily and anticipated plan for care between the patient, the family and carer and healthcare team. Ward staff will update the board each shift and you or your family or carer can write comments and questions on it at any time. If you have any questions regarding your care board, please ask one of our staff members. Please also note the REACH poster beside each Care Board. This gives you information on the communication process to help family and carers escalate any concerns that they feel have not been adequately addressed.

Clinical handover

At John Hunter Hospital we aim to provide excellent healthcare for every patient, every time. An important part of this commitment is staff performing a clinical handover at the bedside every day. Handover involves the nurse who has been caring for you providing information regarding your care and reason for admission to the nurse who will be looking after you during the next shift. The staff will involve you in this process, which will allow you to participate in the planning of your care and to ensure that the information exchanged is accurate. You will also have an opportunity at this time to ask any questions regarding your care.


Demand for surgery at John Hunter Hospital is unpredictable as often urgent trauma patients present to our emergency department. This means that it is difficult to allocate a specific time for your operation. Your surgery will be scheduled as soon as possible however there are some cases when it may be delayed. If this is the case we will inform you as soon as possible and advise of a new estimated time.

Single Rooms

Single rooms, where available, are allocated as a priority to patients with the greatest clinical need. If a room isn’t needed for this reason, it may be offered to a patient with private health insurance.


Meals are provided for all inpatients. Visitors bringing food to the hospital for patients are asked to make sure that food doesn’t require reheating or refrigeration. Packaged foods are acceptable.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances brought into the hospital for personal use such as laptops, mobile phones, shavers, hair dryers, chargers must be in good working order and used only by the owner. All electrical appliances must be checked by the John Hunter Hospital Engineering Department before use. Free to air televisions are available for all patients.

Personal belongings

Staff will arrange safe-keeping of valuables if required. Lost property can be handed in and recovered from the Security Office near the main entrance on Level 2.

Please ask someone to bring in your personal belongings, including toiletries, pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown as soon as possible. We keep a small supply of basic toiletries but stocks are limited.

To minimise the chance of misplacing your belongings it is helpful if your items are marked with an identifying label, especially valuables such as glasses, hearing aids and dentures.

We do our best to ensure all private items are returned to the patient but we cannot take responsibility for lost items. Valuable items should be sent home for safe keeping.

Patient identification

When you are admitted, a bracelet identification band will be put on your wrist or ankle. Please check that details on the band are accurate and wear it while you are in hospital. During your stay you will be regularly asked for your name and date of birth to confirm your identity.

Staff identification

You will notice staff members throughout the hospital wearing uniforms as well as ordinary clothes. All staff wear an identification badge showing their name, photograph and position. The staff directly involved in your care will introduce themselves and explain their role in your treatment.

What if I have a problem with my care?

If you are experiencing any concerns with your care or the hospital’s service and facilities, do not hesitate to talk to any of our friendly staff members. Our hospital also has a Patient Representative who can assist. They can be contacted by one of our staff members, directly through the John Hunter Hospital Switchboard or from the hospital information desks.