Speech Pathology

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Speech pathologists study, diagnose and treat swallowing and communication disorders. At the John Hunter Hospital, speech pathologists may provide assessment and therapy for patients who have speech, language and/or swallowing difficulties following a medical illness or surgery. We may provide intervention for patients who have:​

  • ​swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
  • difficulties with speech or language (e.g. dysarthria, dyspraxia, aphasia)
  • cognitive-communication and / or high level language difficulties
  • voice disorders (dysphonia)
  • laryngeal hyper-responsiveness including vocal cord dysfunction / PVFM, chronic cough, and globus sensation
  • a laryngectomy
  • a tracheostomy​​.

Higher risk patient groups who may require a Speech Pathologist might include, but are not limited to:

  • ​​​​stroke
  • head injury or brain injury
  • head and neck cancer and other head and neck conditions
  • neurodegenerative disorders
  • respiratory conditions
  • dementia, delirium, or confusion.

Services are available to all inpatients of John Hunter Hospital and to outpatients who meet the eligibility criteria.

A medical referral is required for all Speech Pathology referrals. A respiratory medicine physician or otolaryngologist referral is required for patients referred with voice disorders laryngeal hyper-responsiveness. 

John Hunter Hospital speech pathologists may also facilitate referrals to local speech pathologists.


Speech Pathology Service
Level 2, Allied Health, John Hunter Hospital​