Out & About IV Therapy Service

About Us

Out and About is an intravenous (IV) therapy service that allows patients to receive their IV treatment in the comfort of their home setting rather than in hospital.

Patients must be considered well enough to be managed at home to access this service. Most patients will receive their IV treatment through a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) or an implantable port.

The treatment course is usually from 1 to 6 weeks in duration, depending on the infection being treated. Patients are admitted to the service under one of two infectious diseases specialists Dr Mark Loewenthal or Dr Katy Lai. The antibiotic therapy and all of the IV equipment is provided by the service.

Some patients are visited daily by community nurses who administer their IV medication. The remainder of patients and families are taught to self-administer. All patients are reviewed by their medical specialist at least once per week and are contacted daily by the Out & About nursing staff.

There is 24 hours, 7 days a week, on call Nursing and Medical team support for patients at home should any problems arise.


Out & About IV Therapy Service
Level 2, North Block, Royal Newcastle Centre
John Hunter Hospital​