Nephrology and Home Dialysis Services​

About Us 

​The John Hunter Hospital Nephrology Service is a leader in renal care and provides holistic care to renal patients experiencing acute kidney Injury, chronic kidney disease and end stage kidney disease. 

Our 18 chair dialysis In Centre Unit is located alongside the 16 bed Renal Ward in K1 to allow the highest level of care and patient experience to those requiring our services.

Services that are provided by the department include:

  • ​Acute Haemodialysis in the intensive care units
  • Haemodialysis for unstable patients requiring regular access to medical supervision   
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Pre-Dialysis Education services
  • Kidney transplant management
  • Acute inpatient care of renal patients
  • Peritoneal dialysis support
  • Renal supportive care
  • Home and Satellite Dialysis Services
  • Outpatient nephrology clinics
  • Renal Procedures Clinic
  • Renal biopsy service
  • Renal Laboratory
  • Research Unit​

Home and Satellite Dialysis services focus on the areas of Pre dialysis education, home dialysis therapy training and satellite dialysis treatments. 

Our Renal Options Coordinators provide chronic kidney disease education, treatment options education and support to those patients nearing end stage kidney disease. The coordinators promote a home first dialysis goal however will work with patients through the options including non-treatment options.

The Wansey Centre at Charlestown is the main training hub for the District, but also assists in training patients from neighbouring health districts as required. Patients who are able to go home are trained on either peritoneal dialysis or haemodialysis and are then supported at home by our home visiting nurses and 24 hour / 7 day a week on-call service.

For patients that are unable to attend home therapy, there are five satellite dialysis units located within the Hunter region. These include:

  • ​Wansey (Charlestown)
  • Maitland
  • Raymond Terrace
  • Singleton
  • Muswellbrook


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