General Medicine

About Us​

The Department of General Medicine looks after patients admitted to hospital with multiple health conditions, including those associated with advanced age who are requiring holistic and multidisciplinary care by expert general physicians, nursing staff and allied health personnel.

General Medicine run the Medical Assessment and Coordination Unit (MACU) which provides acute care to patients requiring admission to any of our medical units. At any one time, we have four teams of general physicians, medical registrars (specialists in training) and resident doctors looking after an average of 50 patients in the hospital. In addition to this we provide consultative advice for patients of the Surgical Services. 

General Medicine is based on Ward G1 which provides specialised nursing and allied health skills such as the Close Observation Bay for older people with cognitive impairment and risk of falls. Outpatient services for people with complex general medical problems are available and provided by our general physicians.


Medical & Interventional Services
Level 2, John Hunter Hospital