​Neurocritical Care

The care and management of critically ill patients with acute neurological injuries have been getting more focus recently and special interest groups have formed both locally and nationally. Both our ICU and PICU support strong programs within neurology, interventional neuroradiology and neurosurgery incl. spinal surgery. We particularly admit many patients with TBI, subarachnoid haemorrhage and post out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

In addition to standard neuromonitoring with intracranial pressure monitoring, our unit is now capable of offering multimodal neuromonitoring with continuous EEG, NIRS, Transcranial Doppler and pupillometry.

Within the next couple of years, we are also hoping to provide brain tissue oxygen monitoring for patients with severe TBI. However, this technology may initially be introduced through a national randomised control trial. Many of our enthusiastic intensivists have shown great support for local projects and research within neurocritical care.