​Fellowship Exam

The John Hunter ICU has a well-established and comprehensive teaching program for the CICM fellowship examinations which has seen high pass rates over the past decade.

Our staff are highly trained, skilled and motivated and able to practice across the entire domain of Intensive Care medicine.  To compliment the broad clinical experience ICU trainees receive at JHH, we provide weekly protected teaching sessions focused on preparation for all three components of the fellowship examination: written, hot cases and vivas.

The John Hunter Hospital ICU is able to provide regular hot cases in General ICU, Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic, Trauma, ECMO, ENT, Maxillary-Facial Surgery, Severe Respiratory Failure, General Surgery, Interventional Neurology, and candidates are able to undertake Haematology/Oncology cases at the nearby Calvary Mater Hospital ICU.

Additionally there are formal mock exam days every 6 months. This gives candidates the opportunity to perform written, viva and hot cases all under exam conditions with individualised candidate feedback.

We usually have between 2-7 candidates sitting the fellowship exam each year, and they benefit from being able to study together as a group.