Social Worker

Birra Li has a social worker who works full time. You can ask for a referral to the social work service by speaking with any of the Birra Li staff or by ringing yourself.

Social workers are committed to assisting with the social and emotional wellbeing of people. Social work also places a great importance on self-determination and empowering people to make informed decisions on their own behalf.

Why might you speak to a social worker?

  • Feeling unsure about being a parent / pregnancy options
  • Violence / domestic / family
  • Parenting support
  • Loss / grief / bereavement
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Children at risk or if you have Community Services involvement
  • Past abuse as a child
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Adjustment to change
  • Trauma
  • Isolation 
  • Worries in your life

How do we work?

The Birra Li social worker can contact you by phone or by face-to-face.

If you prefer, the social worker can meet you with one of the other Birra Li workers who you may already know in your home.

Social workers use confidentiality when working with you. They are also mandatory reporters, like all staff employed by Hunter New England Health, when for example there are legal requirements to share information (such as child protection concerns or criminal activities).

Please watch our video: "Looking After Yourself - Mum and Self-Care"