Summary of Options of Care - Tamworth

Option of care ​Suitability ​Who will provide your antenatal care ​Where will you have your antenatal care ​Who will provide care during labour and birth ​Your postnatal care
​Tamworth Midwifery Group Practice (TMGP)​Women with uncomplicated pregnancy​Known midwife from the TMGP​Home/Antenatal Clinic​Known midwife from the TMGP​Home within 4-6 hours after birth
​Midwifery Care Antenatal Clinic Tamworth Hospital​Women with uncomplicated   pregnancy​Midwives from Tamworth Hospital​Antenatal Clinic Tamworth Hospital​Midwife from Maternity Unit ​Can choose to go home 4-6 hours after birth; some prefer short postnatal stay in hospital
​Shared Care with GP​Women with uncomplicated pregnancy​GP of your choice; Antenatal Clinic midwife at Booking-in, 36 weeks ​GP Practice and Antenatal Clinic ​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above
​Tamworth Aboriginal Mothers and Babies Service (AMBS) ​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women or women having an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island baby​Midwives and Aboriginal Health Care Workers​Home / Community AMBS Clinics ​Midwife from Maternity Unit​Home after 4-6 hours may be an option, or postnatal stay in Maternity Unit
​Care with private Obstetrician​All women​Private obstetrician​Dr’s Private rooms​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above
​Specialist Care at Tamworth Hospital ​Women with pregnancies complicated by medical, obstetric conditions​Medical Obstetric teams and Midwives from Tamworth Hospital​Antenatal Clinic Tamworth Hospital​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above