Postnatal timeline - Tamworth

Time after birth of baby ​Care for baby ​Care for mother
​Birth day​​Vitamin K (Konakion)

Immunisation – Hepatitis B

Newborn baby check

  • By midwife or doctor
​Consent required
​1-5 days

Hearing check

  • By State-wide Infant Hearing Screening Service (SWISH)
  • May be an outpatient appointment
​Consent required
​​1-5 days

Hip check

  • By a Midwife or Doctor
  • May be an outpatient appointment
​3-4 days

​Newborn bloodspot screen

  • National screening for all babies for many treatable medical disorders
  • Heel prick by midwife or pathology technician
  • May be done at home by midwife
​Signed consent required
​5-42 days

Breastfeeding Clinic

  • Outpatient appointment with TRRH Lactation Consultant for mothers and babies with breastfeeding challenges
    • Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander babies can be seen up to 6 months
Approx 2 weeks

​Home visit by Child and Family Health Nurse (C&FHN)

  • Free NSW program for all families provides ongoing feeding and parenting support, including emotional as well as routine baby checks
        • Link made to C&FHN service before discharge from the maternity service
​2 weeks

​Visit your GP

  • Baby check
    • ​Mother might discuss contraception or other issues
​​6 weeks

​Visit your GP

  • Baby check
  • Immunisation for baby
  • ​Postnatal check
  • PAP smear if required
  • Contraception discussion