​Singleton Hospital

Singleton Hospital maternity unit has six postnatal beds and two birthing rooms, midwives at Singleton work in partnership with local GP’s to provide maternity care to women and babies in our local area. 

Models of care offered 

• Part-time AMIHS antenatal/postnatal service
• GP Obstetrician (A/N care in doctor’s rooms)​

Visiting hours

Our service aims to be flexible with visiting hours but do encourage a rest period for mothers and babies between 1pm and 3pm each day.

Home Maternity Service

Home maternity services are not offered at Singleton. However, women who discharged home early are able to re-present to the maternity unit for postnatal check-ups, appointments will be made prior to your discharge home.

Parent education

Birth and Parenting education sessions are run over two Saturday mornings each month except January. For bookings contact the Maternity Unit: 65719240

Contact details Singleton Hospital Maternity Services and SWISH

Maternity unit phone: 65719240