​Now that you are pregnant

Your care begins with your General Practitioner (GP), by confirming your pregnancy, taking a comprehensive health and medical history, ordering your blood tests and an obstetric ultrasound. If your GP does not provide antenatal services, he/she will refer you to a GP Obstetrician (GPO).

Your GPO will ask you to phone Scone Hospital to make a “Booking in” appointment. This appointment should be made following your 12 week visit with your GPO. 

The booking in visit will be attended by a midwife at Scone Hospital and usually occurs around the 16th – 18th week of your pregnancy.

Where you have your pregnancy care will depend on your general health, your preferences, where you live and your previous birth experience.

Scone Hospital can only provide birthing services for normal risk women, however if your pregnancy and or birth are identified as requiring specialist obstetric care , you can return for postnatal care once the medical officers at the birthing hospital are happy for you and your baby to be transferred back to Scone Hospital.