​Summary of Parenting Programs

Name of program​Program details​Schedule​When to come
​Prepare And Aware
Pregnant women only

​Early pregnancy session:

  • Learn about normal changes in pregnancy
  • Exercise in pregnancy & experience a gym workout
​Single 2-hour session
One Saturday per month
​14 to 24 weeks gestation

​Birth And Parenting Program
Pregnant woman and partner/support person

Enrol Early
(from 18 weeks gestation to book times that best suit you)

​Most popular program:

  • Self-help strategies for labour and birth, including ways that the support person can offer support to the
    laboring woman
  • Understanding labour and birth, including when to come to hospital
  • Making informed decisions about your care, unexpected events of labour and after the birth
  • Breastfeeding, infant sleep, settling techniques, infant communication & other baby care topics.
  • Changes in the family relationships during the
    period of the transition to parenthood and offer some strategies to minimise distress in the early weeks.

​Total of 12 hours education

Session Options include:

  • 6 x 2 hour
  • 3 x 4 hour
  • 2 x 6 hour

Monday to Thursday evenings,
Saturday or Sundays

​From 26 weeks gestation

Maternity Services Tour

Pregnant woman
and partner/support

  • Organised visit to the Birthing and Postnatal facilities at JHH
  • Led by one of our Parenting Educators.
​1-hour tour Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon​From 28 weeks gestation


Pregnant woman, (partners also welcome)

​New mothers tell us this was very helpful!

  • Observe (via films & discussion) skin to skin contact, baby’s signs of readiness to feed, attachment and
    positioning baby for feeding
  • Common challenges of breastfeeding
  • Learn about local community resources and support
​2½ hour session Friday Morning or Thursday evening​Before 36 weeks gestation

Breastfeeding For Diabetic Mothers

Recommended to attend the
Breastfeeding course

​Especially for pregnant women with diabetes:

  • Understand the benefits of breastfeeding both for the diabetic mother and the baby
  • Consider extra practical strategies to help diabetic mothers to breastfeed
​30-minute session following Friday Breastfeeding course​Before 36 weeks gestation

​Being A Father

For dads to be!

​Dads tell us this is excellent, should be longer!

  • Explore the role and relationship changes likely to be experienced during transition to fatherhood
  • Consider strategies to being an effective support person
  • Develop an effective parenting relationship with your partner
  • Understand infant communications, why babies cry and develop strategies for difficult times

​Single 2½ hour session

Thursday evening - same time as Breastfeeding program

​Before 36 weeks gestation

​Next Birth After Caesarean Section

Pregnant woman and partner/support person

​For women who have had a previous Caesarean
birth AND their support person:

  • Clarify facts and concerns relating to vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) versus repeat Caesarean birth
  • Help the woman and her partner to make decisions relating to their birth options

​Single 2½ hour session

Monthly on Thursday morning
or Monday evening

​From 20 weeks gestation
Birra Li Maternity Service Birth And Parenting Programs​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents are welcome to join the programs offered by the Parenting Education Service and/or attend the culturally–specific program held by the Birra Li Maternity Service.​On enquiry ​From 24 weeks

​Young Parents Program

Woman and her support person

​This 6-week program is especially for young parents
and their support people, and facilitated by the Family Care Midwives
​On enquiry​From 24 weeks

Multiple Miracles

Pregnant woman and partner/support person

  • ​Labour and birth considerations for more than one baby
  • Care and feeding babies in the early days
  • Held collaboratively with the Newcastle Multiple Birth Association

​2½ hour session

held monthly

​From 24 weeks

​Program For Culturally And
Lingustically Diverse (Cald) Women: An interpreter from the Multicultural Health
Service will assist.

​For women and their families who are having their baby in Newcastle for the first time (previous babies may have been born in their homeland or another Australian Centre). This program will offer the
opportunity to:

  • Visit the Birth Suite and post-natal areas.
  • Care of the mother and baby during labour and birth and feeding baby
  • Share different cultural aspects of birth and early parenting
​On enquiry
Postnatal Reunions​We offer Postnatal Reunions from your Birth and Parenting program to catch up with your group, introduce your new family member and share stories and experiences​Arranged by your educator​You will be advised by your