When you should contact Narrabri Hospital

Please phone Narrabri Hospital Maternity unit  0267992085 immediately for advice if any of these occur:

  • Your baby stops moving or there is an obvious reduction in your baby’s movements at any time during your pregnancy
  • Trauma to the abdomen, assault, serious fall or car accident
  • Vaginal bleeding at any time
  • Sharp pains in the abdomen with or without vaginal bleeding
  • Your waters break or if you have a constant clear watery vaginal discharge
  • Fever or chills, temperature over 37.8 degrees
  • Severe nausea and persistent vomiting
  • Recurring and persistent headaches
  • Blurred vision or spots before your eyes
  • Pain or burning on passing urine
  • Contractions at any time before 37 weeks
  • Sudden swelling of the face, hands or feet
  • Persistently itchy skin, especially hands and feet
  • Labour has started and you feel it is time to come to hospital
  • Booked Caesarean birth and labour commences


  • Narrabri Maternity Department : 0267992085
  • Birth & Parenting programs (Parenting Education Service): (02) 67992085
  • Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Service: 0407179662 OR  0408967148
  • Narrabri Hospital: (02) 67992800