​Options of care during pregnancy

Shared Care with your GP

Shared care means that you are cared for by your GP in consultation with the hospital doctors and midwives. You will need to come to Muswellbrook Maternity for a Booking-in visit, and follow up visits at 28, 32, 36 weeks and 40 weeks. Your baby will be born at Muswellbrook Hospital. Shared Care enables you to continue seeing your family doctor, who you already know and trust, during your pregnancy, and this may be more convenient for you.

Women requiring Specialist Obstetric Care

Specialist Obstetricians are best able to care for women who have pregnancies complicated by:

  • A previous pregnancy requiring specialist care and/or hospitalisation
  • A pregnancy that is not progressing normally
  • A multiple pregnancy, e.g. twins
  • Diabetes and/or other conditions

For women requiring Specialist Obstetric care will be referred to either the Maitland Hospital or to John Hunter Hospital.

AMHIS (Aboriginal Maternal Infant Health Service)

The AMIHS provides care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and/or women whose baby will be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. The service aims to provide culturally appropriate support and education during pregnancy, after birth and for children up to early school years. This service includes antenatal care, child and family health care, immunisation, child health checks, support service referrals and health education. You may contact the staff directly, or talk to your GP or the staff at the antenatal clinic to make a referral to the AMHIS service.

Please phone AMIHS on (02) 6542 2023 if;

  • You think you are pregnant or have a positive pregnancy test
  • You have children between 0-5 years

Learn more about AMHIS