Summary of Options of care - Moree

Options of care​Suitability​Who will provide your antenatal care​Where you will have your antenatal care​Where you will have your baby​Who will provide care during labour and birth​Your postnatal care
Shared Care with GP/ObstetricianAll women​​GP/Obstetrician of your choice; Antenatal Clinic midwife at Booking-in and as per schedule of care ​GP/Obs practice;
Moree Antenatal Clinic Moree Hospital
Moree Hospital​Midwife and GP/ObstetricianMoree Hospital Maternity Department
​Midwifery Care in Community Outreach Antenatal Clinics​All women​Midwives and GP/Obstetrician​Moree Antenatal Outreach Clinic in local communityMoree Hospital​Midwife and GP/Obstetrician​As above
Moree Aboriginal Maternal infant Health Service (AMIHS) ​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women or women having an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island baby​AMIHS midwife and Aboriginal Health Care Workers​Home / AMIHS clinic Moree / Community Antenatal Clinics​Moree Hospital​Midwife and GP/Obstetrician​As above
​Specialist Care at Moree as required Monthly by Newcastle Visiting Specialist Team​Women with pregnancies complicated by medical, obstetric conditions​Medical obstetric teams​Moree and as advised by Plan of Care​Depending on care as planned by Specialist team and local GP/Obstetrician​As per Plan of Care in consultation with Specialist       ​As per Plan of Care in consultation with Specialist