Now that you are pregnant

Your care begins with your General Practitioner (GP), by confirming your pregnancy, taking a comprehensive health and medical history, ordering your blood tests and an obstetric ultrasound.

Please feel free to contact the Maternity Department from 12 weeks gestation to organise a booking in appointment with the midwives and complete a client registration form and admission procedure as outlined below.

Your GP may write and send a referral to the Moree Hospital antenatal clinic to initiate your care, and this is usually done at around 12 -14 weeks. This visit will be attended by a midwife either at Moree Hospital or one of our community-based antenatal clinics and usually occurs around the 18th to 22nd week of your pregnancy. During this visit, the midwife will discuss with you the options of care available for your pregnancy.

Where you have your pregnancy care will depend on your general health, your preferences, where you live and your previous birth experience.