​Antenatal admissions

Some women will require admission to hospital during their pregnancy for their health or the health of their unborn baby.

In the Antenatal admission, we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our team of midwives will care for you throughout your stay. Our local GP/Obstetricians will visit you daily and develop a plan of care for you.

The circumstances that led you to the Antenatal admission may cause you some stress; for example, you may be required to be away from your family in another community. Please discuss these issues with your midwife. We have additional staff who may offer you support to meet your needs. 

Located on the wall at each bedside you will find a patient care board which is a useful communication tool between you or your family and your care providers. Here you can write down questions, your midwife can write down what is happening for that day or perhaps you can write down reminders for questions to discuss with your doctor.

The antenatal ward has mostly two-bed rooms, which limits the ability of other families to stay overnight. There are a small number of single rooms available, which are usually reserved for women with specific medical needs.

We encourage expectant mothers to have a rest period between 1pm and 3pm each day. You may like to communicate this to your friends and family. 

There are a range of educational resources available to support your learning. Talk to your midwife or use your patient care board as a reminder to staff.