​Summary of models of care available

Options of careSuitabilityWho will provide your antenatal careWhere you will have your antenatal careWho will provide care during labour and birthYour postnatal care
Midwifery Care Antenatal Clinic Manning Hospital​Women with uncomplicated pregnancy​Midwives from Manning Hospital​Antenatal Clinic Manning Hospital​Midwife from Maternity Unit​Can choose to go home 4-6 hours after birth; some prefer short postnatal stay in hospital
Midwifery Care in Community Antenatal Clinics​Women with uncomplicated pregnancy  ​Midwives from Manning Hospital​Community Antenatal Clinic closest to your home​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above
Shared Care with GP​Women with uncomplicated pregnancy  ​GP of your choice; Antenatal Clinic midwife at Booking-in, 36 and 40 weeks​GP Practice and Antenatal Clinic​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above
AMIHS​Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women or women having an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island baby  ​Midwives and Aboriginal Health Care Workers​Home / Community AMIHS Clinics​Midwife from Maternity Unit​Home after 4-6 hours may be an option, or postnatal stay in Maternity Unit
Care with private Obstetrician​All women​Private obstetrician​Dr’s Private rooms​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above
Specialist Care at Manning Hospital ​Women with pregnancies complicated by medical, obstetric conditions​Medical Obstetric teams and Midwives from Manning Hospital​Antenatal Clinic manning Hospital​Midwife from Maternity Unit​As above