Options of care during pregnancy

Midwifery Group Practice (MGP)

If you are a well healthy woman with normal risk for medical or obstetric conditions, and interested in continuity of midwifery care, this may be the model of care for you! The MGP offers women continuous care from 12 weeks of pregnancy with a known midwife throughout the pregnancy birth and postnatal period when you are discharged from hospital. You will get to know your allocated midwife and other midwives from the team. The team focuses on individualised care, which includes education and support for normal birth and breastfeeding.

Shared Care with your GP

Shared care means that you are cared for by your GP in consultation with the hospital doctors and midwives. You will need to come to your nearest Antenatal Clinic for a Booking-in visit, and a second visit usually around 36 weeks at Maitland. Shared Care enables you to continue seeing your family doctor, who you already know and trust, during your pregnancy, and this may be more convenient for you.

Midwifery Care in Community Clinics- Mount Pleasant St Cottages and View St clinic on the grounds of Cessnock Hospital

Community Antenatal Clinics make our services more convenient for women to access ongoing antenatal care in their local communities. These clinics are run by midwives and are for healthy pregnant women with normal risk for medical or obstetric conditions.

Specialist Obstetric Care at Maitland Addison Street Antenatal Clinic

Specialist Obstetricians are best able to care for women who have pregnancies complications such as:

  • Had a previous pregnancy requiring specialist care and/or hospitalisation
  • A pregnancy that is not progressing normally
  • A multiple pregnancy, e.g. twins
  • Diabetes and/or other medical complications

Care with a Private Obstetrician

Women seeing a private obstetrician may birth at the Maitland Hospital. Women choosing this option of care will see their obstetrician for all their antenatal care in their obstetrician’s private consulting rooms. It is important if you choose this care option that you attend an administrative booking visit at the Maitland Admissions Office at around 24 weeks pregnant.

Aboriginal Maternal Health Service

Naae-Wanni provides care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, and/or women whose baby will identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. The Naae-Wanni service aims to provide support and education during pregnancy, and after birth in a culturally safe environment. The service endeavours to offer holistic care which includes the woman, her baby, partner, family and community. This service includes antenatal care, support service referrals and health education, also working closely with other Aboriginal services within the community.

You may contact the staff at Naae-Wanni directly, or talk to your GP or the staff at the antenatal clinic to make a referral to our service. Please contact:  02 4939 2494.

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