Antenatal clinical general information

The first Booking-in antenatal visit

All women (including those who are doing ‘Shared Care’) will have their first visit with a midwife at either Maitland or a community clinic. This is a comprehensive visit where we will discuss your previous medical history, family medical history, and your general well-being. This is to determine ways we can provide you with appropriate care and support throughout your pregnancy and to ensure your pregnancy care meets your needs.

You can expect your first appointment to take about one and a half hours. Please arrive at the clinic at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, this will allow time to complete your paperwork before you see the midwife. Your partner or support person is always welcome at your visits, but due to the length and personal nature of your first visit, we ask that you attend this appointment alone where possible. Your next appointment will be booked before you leave your first visit.

Once you have been allocated to a model of pregnancy care, we ask that wherever possible, you ensure your appointments remain on your allocated day with your allocated clinic or midwife. This will help you receive the best care possible.

Booking-in to hospital (admission procedures)

A midwife in the antenatal clinic will provide you with a ‘A Request For Admission’ form which we would like you to complete and return to the Admissions office at the front of the hospital. This is part of the pre-hospital admission procedure, the admissions officer will request to see your Medicare care, and ask for information about other health insurance details you may have, your full contact details and next of kin. Completing hospital admissions procedures well ahead of your baby’s birth date is helpful. We would like all women to complete the pre-admission procedures before they are about 24 weeks pregnant.

Women seeing a private obstetrician should visit the Maitland Admission desk near the front entrance of the hospital for more Information.

Specialty Obstetric Care

If you need support from specialist services, it will be arranged by the midwife completing your booking visit or by the team providing your pregnancy care.

Some conditions require specialist medical care that cannot be provided at Maitland Hospital and may require referral to John Hunter Hospital for all or part of your care. 

Maitland Hospital has a specialist clinic for women who develop diabetes during their pregnancy.  Other services offered by Maitland Hospital include social and mental health wellbeing support.

Waiting Times

The Antenatal Clinic at Maitland is often very busy. While we make every effort to keep appointment times, the clinic does sometimes run late. We ask for your patience during these times and will endeavour to keep you well informed.  You will receive a reminder text prior to the day of your appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment please ring to rearrange another time (49392739).

Ultrasound and Pathology Results

Routine antenatal care involves blood and urine tests, and ultrasounds examinations. These test results are made available to you at your next antenatal visit appointment. All abnormal results that require follow up will be communicated to you by your care provider.

Students at Maitland Hospital

The Maitland Hospital, provides important training opportunities for a wide range of health care professionals. Students are always under the direct supervision of an experienced practitioner. You will be asked permission before a student observes or participates in your care and you have the right to say no. Your wishes will be respected at all times and this will not affect your care. 

Our future midwives, the midwifery students are available to share your pregnancy journey with you, and can provide a familiar face throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. Speak to your midwife if you would like to be part of this special program.

Research Participation

You may be invited to participate in research projects taking place in the Maitland Hospital. These projects are designed to increase our knowledge about pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, so that we may improve our services for your care and for women in the future. Participation in research is completely voluntary. The standard of care you receive will not be affected in any way if you choose not to take part.

Overseas Visitors or those who don’t have a Medicare card

Maitland Hospital is a public health care facility. Women not eligible for Medicare benefits will be asked to pay a fee at each visit; this may be reimbursed later by their own Health Insurance Fund.