​Home Maternity Service/Community Midwifery Service

For most women, pregnancy and birth is a healthy experience and many women are well enough to go home a few hours after the birth of their baby.

Rather than stay in hospital after your baby is born, you may prefer to take advantage of a hospital based Home Midwifery Service. Please ask your midwife to see if this service is available in your hospital and if you live within the appropriate hospital radius.

The Home Maternity Midwifery Midwife will:

  • See you on a daily basis if necessary or contact you by phone to see how you and your baby are progressing 
  • Visit you at home giving you one-to-one advice and support 
  • Visit between 9.30am and  4pm
  • Support you with feeding your baby
  • Advise you on helping your baby to sleep
  • Weigh your baby
  • Perform necessary blood tests for your baby
  • Complete your postnatal check
  • Provide you with support and reassurance
  • Put you in contact with your local Child and Family Health Centre

You may choose to use this service directly from the birthing suite or postnatal ward​