Wellbeing for Doctors



JMO Wellbeing & Support Plan in response to JMOs expressing that medical training caused significant fatigue, and inadequate emotional and psychological support. This led to the development of a State strategy to improve JMO wellbeing and the educational training experience for junior doctors.

Additionally a national survey of doctors and medical students found that doctors reported substantially higher rates of psychological stress and attempted suicide compared to both the Australian population and other Australian professional groups. The Australian Medical Association (AMA), the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF), the Black Dog Institute, local health districts, specialty medical colleges, student associations and medical school deans have now agreed to develop frameworks that address mental health and wellbeing.

The JMO Wellbeing & Support Plan builds on the "Statement of Agreed Principles on a Respectful Culture in Medicine" initiative to establish support for doctors in training, and focus on practical initiatives that can be implemented within the hospital setting. There is particular focus on reviewing rostering, implementing initiatives that address bullying, harassment and discrimination, improve the monitoring of training and supervision outcomes, and the introduction of safe working hours.

The NSW health standard is a maximum rostered shift length of 14 hours and a break of at least 10 hours between rostered shift periods. This is commonly known as the 14/10 rule. The implementation of this system wide approach will further support and monitor standards to ensure rostering best practice.


Fatigue Risk Management Education Workbook - A4 Version - For JMO Managers, Directors of Training and Clinical Supervisors

Fatigue Risk Management -A5 Version - For JMOs