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Arts, Culture and Dining​


Walcha Open Air Gallery

The Open Air Gallery is composed of over 50 pieces of art consisting of mostly sculptural pieces that are dotted around the Walcha township. The works have been created by local, national and international artsists and are now renowned world wide in the global arts community. The art pieces are immensely enjoyed by locals and visitors alike and solidify Walcha's reputation as a culturally rich and artistic hub.

Walcha Gallery of Art

The Walcha Gallery of Art showcases works from both local, regional and international artists including sculptures, prints, ceramics and jewellery. The Gallery also holds changing exhibitions to present artist's pieces to local and travelling clientele in a contemporary setting.

Walcha Pioneer Cottage Museum 

The Walcha Pioneer Cottage and Museum is a complex that comprises of a number of historical buildings including the Pioneer Cottage, The Tool Shed, The Wool Barn, Blacksmith's Shop and a hanger. Whilst these buildings showcase history themselves, they also hold a number of artefacts relating to the historical development of the region such as a Tiger Moth Aircraft, historical household items, rare tools and photographs of the founding families of Walcha and the beginnings of the wool industry. There is also exhibits of Military history, items from the original Walcha Hospital and historical Aboriginal artefacts.



Cafe Amor

4 Derby Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2130

Cafe Graze

21 Derby Street, Walcha 

P: (02) 6777 2409

Walcha Royal Cafe

26 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 1117 

Embers Restaurant

31 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2599 

​Apsley Arms Hotel

33 Derby Street, Walcha 

P: (02) 6777 2502

Commercial Hotel

100 Commercial Lane, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2667

New England Hotel

51 Fitzroy Street, Walcha 

P: (02) 6777 2026

Walcha Road Hotel

Wollun Road, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 5829

Ex- Services Club

67 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2231

​Bowling Club

14 Croudace Street, Walcha 

P: (02) 6777 2077

Fenwicke House Cafe

23 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2867

West End Store Takeaway

106 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2613

The North Store- Apsley Motors

50 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 1000

​Marta’s Kitchen

3 Fitzroy Street, Walcha

P: (02) 6777 2857