Opportunities for People with a Disability                            

As the largest employer in the region, Hunter New England Local Health District is committed to providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The right to work is a fundamental human right but one that far too many older people or people with disability do not get to enjoy. The Australian Human Rights Commission had conducted a National Inquiry on this topic in 2016.  Willing to Work National Inquiry. The results were people aged 50 years plus and People with Disability were being shut out of the workforce due to assumptions and stereotypes being made about these groups. In 2018/2019 the highest complaint regarding racism was received from People with Disability particularly in relation to employment.

Fifty three percent of People with Disability are in the workforce compared to 82% of People without Disability. These percentages have been the same for 20 years. Information on the Workforce and People with Disability

Below are types of Disability:

Physical - affects a person's mobility or dexterity

Intellectual - affects a person's abilities to learn

Mental Illness - affects a person's thinking processes

Sensory - affects a person's ability to hear or see

Neurological – affects the person's brain and central nervous system

Learning disability

Physical disfigurement or

Immunological - the presence of organisms causing disease in the body

Our aim is to acknowledge the contributions people with a disability can make and the individual challenges they face. We provide a supportive environment in which we can place, train and appoint candidates with a physical/intellectual disability.
We provide a workplace free from discrimination where staff are able to use their skills effectively and can contribute fully to the role.

Hunter New England Local Health District has successfully placed a number of people with disability into The Apprenticeship Program for People with Disabilities which commenced in 1981 to mark the International Year of Disabled Persons. We have recruited staff into a number of work streams within this program including; electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters and many more. The aim of this program was to provide apprenticeship opportunities in state government departments and statutory authorities to people with assessed disabilities.

What we offer:

· Flexible working hours
· A range of experience in rural /remote areas, community based services and large metropolitan teaching hospitals
· A diverse range of career options and diverse clinical areas in which to specialise.
· Professional support and development
· Access to post graduate scholarships for further study

Accessible Parking:

· Parking for staff with disabilities is available at all Hunter New England Local Health District locations.

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