Scenic Inverell is situated on the Macintyre River with a population of 11,000 in the town and 17,500 within the Shire Area.  Inverell enjoys a pleasant climate, with warm summers and mild winters.

Inverell is a mixed farming district, where the main crops are wheat, oats, barley, grain, sorghum and oilseed crops.  Sheep & cattle graze mostly on natural pastures, supplemented with lucerne and forage crops.

Internationally, Inverell is known for its fine sapphires and much of the town's tourism centres on the sapphire industry.  People may fossick for gems at a number of sites throughout the district.

The town is steeped in early Australian history and a tour of Inverell will reveal many of its buildings, particularly those of the late 19th Century era.  For those interested in the history of the town, visit the Bicentennial Monument for a pictorial history of the district on the wall tablets.

Part of the Fossicker’s Way, this thriving rural city has much to offer both the traveller and local residents.

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