​COVID-19 Resources

A range of  COVID-19 resources for the Aboriginal community are now available, and staff are encouraged to use the following materials in your workplace and in the community, as appropriate.

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council has excellent culturally-appropriate advice on keeping healthy during COVID-19:

NSW Health has designed a range of posters, pamphlets and other materials that are now available on its website:


Public Health videos

Kylie Taylor, Gomeroi woman and Aboriginal Health Worker for Public Health, explains how good hygiene can help stop you and your family getting COVID-19.
Getting tested for COVID-19 is important, to protect the health of your entire community. 
The NSW Health website includes a full list of clinics in NSW. 

As some restrictions ease this weekend, it’s important to know how you can keep your mob safe from COVID-19. 
A full list of restrictions is available from the NSW Government website